Worried about those pesky germs on your hands, especially these days?

Aromar hand sanitizers are here to help keep your hands clean all pandemic and flu season long! 

With quality essential oils and 70% alcohol content, these sanitizers will not only make your hands (or any surface) smell great, but they’ll also disinfect and protect you and your loved ones against germs. 

Aromar sanitizers come with an amazing spray top for easy application and cleaning. Manufactured in the USA, these sanitizers are gentle on skin and keep your hands feeling silky smooth, and surfaces, smelling great. 

Use Lavender Verbena for pesky bathroom germs and to keep it smelling clean and fresh. Mandarin Basil is perfect for cleaning kitchen surfaces, and the smell will make you never want to leave. Even use fresh water to disinfect your precious hands while leaving a clean and light scent. Finally, the herbal scent is perfect to disinfect bedroom and living room surfaces to make sure your room not only smells great, but that it’s also protected from nasty germs. 

At a cost of $2.50 each, purchase this 16 unit display and get an array of Aromar scented hand sanitizer sprays! This deal is certainly a “bang for your buck.” Purchase them here.

Next, buy an Oopsie Poopsie Freshener and never be ashamed of your poop smell again! With a unique design created not only to mask the smell, this oopsie poopsie toilet odor eliminator sprays an essential oil-layer in toilets that blocks and prevents odors from happening in the first place. Regular odor deodorizers simply can’t do that. 

So don’t get caught pooping in a public restroom without these conveniently travel sized fresheners. Simply shake the bottle well, spray twice directly into the toilet and never be ashamed of your poop smell again! Purchase oopsie poopsie in flower citrus, lemon bergamot, lavender vanilla, or orange ginger here: https://flashpopup.com/collections/aromar-products